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CrossFirst Business Remote Deposit

Turn your office into the bank! CrossFirst Remote Deposit Capture enables business banking customers to scan and deposit checks directly into their accounts from wherever they are located.

Deposit checks into your business account right from your office or from multiple locations

Eliminate daily trips to the bank for deposits

Digitize your data. Images are maintained and stored for easy access by your staff. No more photocopying checks!

Consolidate deposits received at multiple locations into a single account

Work on your schedule without being limited to bank hours

Get faster access to your funds with reduced clearing times

Simplify operations and increase security

Greater efficiency for your company

Remote Deposit Capture enables you to make deposits from the comfort and safety of your own office. Simply prepare your deposit, scan the checks using an approved scanner and transmit the deposit using CrossFirst Bank Online via the Internet.

Save time and money! Find out more about CrossFirst Remote Deposit options today. Contact us or speak with your Business Banker at (913) 327-1212.

Click here to watch a video explaining more about Business Remote Deposit Capture and how it can benefit your business.